You Are Timmy

Today, I want to revisit Timmy:

Why does Timmy lie?

I read this article about the purpose of schooling (a different thing from education): Against School. The thesis is basically that children are schooled to become obedient groups, rather than educated to become independent thinkers.

I’ll add that the evolution of marketing (read Bernays’ Propaganda) has capitalized on the effect that schooling has on children. That is, we raise our children to become obedient conformists, and propagandists use this pliability to direct society in a common direction. As an example of how the public is directed, I’ll use Facebook.

In 2010-2011, you might remember reading a crapload of articles that “revealed” (for those ignorant enough to not understand that everything that you put onto the internet, or even your hard drive, remains there forever–barring the global catastrophe that is sure to come when terrorism infects our nation, when sea levels rise to conquer our cities, when police are hamstrung by unfair laws, when millions of people lose their jobs to robots, etc.) “revealed” the fact that Google collects your private information for private reasons. People hated Google for that, and there was an uproar that has now turned into the general, dull noise that you hear maybe weekly, or monthly, on the news. It was later revealed that Facebook was behind this propaganda effort. Bonus Points – WSJ published a lot of the stories that were anti-Google, and then came up with that wonderful piece.

The point is, while there may not be a single entity or shadowy group like the common conspiracy theorist would have you believe, that there are those out there who seek to lie to you for their own benefit. Not even lie, really, but who certainly seek to mislead you.

We are pliable. We are led. We are lost to ourselves.

Find yourself and question your motivations. Teach your kids to think, rather than training them to learn. You can do it.