Haven’t put anything up in a while…so another novel excerpt!

Had my third son, so been busy, but here’s another novel excerpt! I think I’m almost done with the rough draft. I guess it’ll be a trilogy.

The Dragon stared at the haggard man before him. Torn clothes dressed him in almost comical fashion, a dejected face covered his head, and bruises and cuts layered his body.

“You had time to clean up,” the Dragon told this man. “Make yourself more presentable.”

The man didn’t know whether to take the latter as a command or a continuation of the former statement. He brushed back his hair and tried to look up, look his master in the eye.


“I figured it was best to come to you immediately,” the servant said. His eyes shaking, twitching, his arms weak, his posture slack and deteriorating slowly into a sloppy mess on the floor, a puddle of shame and guilt.

“You failed. Does the time between your failure and your reporting it make your actions successful?”

The servant looked at the floor, up above the Dragon’s head, into the sky beyond. Blue sky. He had never seen blue sky. “I didn’t know. I thought I’d see someone…lesser. One of your workers, someone under you.”

“My general made the improtance of this mission clear to you. Answer the question.”

“The question?”

“The time!” The Dragon’s fist slammed on the wooden desk, sending papers and pictures shaking. The holo that displayed the map of the forest at the base of the building shook, its image distorted with the force of the blow.

“No! I mean. No. it doesn’t.”

The Dragon stared at the man. No, it was less than a man, less than human, a beast that lived only to serve him and it failed in that. If it failed to serve him, failed to fulfill its only purpose in its sad life, than it lacked any purpose. The Dragon was staring at a dead man.

“Go,” The Dragon said, readying the knife in his pocket. The anger flowed through his mind and into his body, into his hands, his core of being.

The man nodded, unable to speak, his body shaking, the floor shaking with the vibrations of his matter. He turned and walked away.

Halfway to the door, the servant was, when the Dragon silently stood and walked toward it and drew the knife. He gripped the man’s shoulder, and for a moment, before the servant’s death, he looked the Dragon in the eye. Almost enough to kill him alone, the look of evil there, the black abyss that sucked in everything, black holes to a man’s soul.

The Dragon gripped the man’s shoulder and turned him around and drew his knife across the servant’s throat. Disposing of a tool, a useless item.

The Dragon walked back to his desk and sat down, pressed the intercom and stated he needed cleanup. The business done, he looked down into the map. Time to plan.