Where is the vacation home for the human race?

If you’re like me, then you have probably wondered where our descendants will vaction. Whether it’s the local beach, or twenty two light years away, I like to belive that we’ll eventually have the technology to traverse the vast abysses in space. I am quite the optimist, after all.

Now, I present to you:

Super Earth!

It’s what they call any large extrasolar planet that could resemble our own Earth.

It’s pretty interesting how they find these planets. A planet’s gravity slightly pulls the star around which it orbits. This causes the star to wobble. Astronomers detect the star’s wobble via their super powerful telescopes. They analyze the wobble to determine what the charestics of the planet could be.

That’s the gist of it, anyway.

Another way to detect extrasolar planets is to measure a star’s light over long periods of time. Astronomers know a planet is orbiting a star if the star becomes dimmer or brighter over x period of time (where x is the planet’s orbital period).

Will we ever make it to a habitible planet that exists outside our solar system? Not likely…definitely not in any of our lifetimes, anyway.

As humanity continues to progress, if it continues to progress, who knows where we’ll go. Maybe we’ll go backwards, and our descendants will be grateful for any kind of break outside of hunting deer and picking wild blueberries.

Maybe they’ll spend their honeymoons soaking up the beautiful beach sun on GJ 667Cc.