Another novel excerpt!

Rough draft, about 35,000 words into it. About a third of the way there, I think….here goes it:

“I’m going to show you something,” Aazim said. “I’m going to show you someone, whom I may ask you to kill. Are you prepared to do such a thing?”

“Why would you want this person to die?” Mary said.

“I think he may be the one causing the Shadows. I once knew him as a friend. I did at the moment that you are about to witness.”

“You have video?”

“No, see here,” Aazim said and waved his arm and revealed the past to Mary.

Mary saw in the room many men. Some were waving their heads and others were fighting each other, punching bloodied knuckles into one another’s bruised stomachs. They snarled and growled and seemed drugged or drunk or else possessed by some evil spirit that corrupts men’s minds in the dark of morning after midnight.

She witnessed this and became transfixed, lost in the sight of horrific bloodied bodies bashing into one another and destroying each others constitute. They danced dances, kicking their legs and jumping several feet into the air. They stomped each other and bit each other and seemed generally as though they were not in control of their own bodies.

All this blood and these hundreds of insane individuals appeared before Mary, and to her, they were really there. Arms were falling off and toes being eaten. All Mary could do was watch and take that sight in.

She knew Aazim had spoken of a weapon. She had thought of the Shadows. Now she thought of the cannibals that lived below the slums. How many were there? Hundreds? Thousands? Standing in the middle of them all, Mary’s sight honed in on this one man.