A warm-up piece for the day…

Tell me more about the oranges, grandaddy, she said.

Welp, he said. The best part about the oranges was when youd peel em. The smell was just heavenly and drifted all around. Youd run your fingers all around and lift the peels and throw em all up into a pile.

That sounds wonderful, grandaddy.

It was, my dear. Now how bout you hop on up into grandaddy’s lap. Lets go for a tractor ride.

Oh yay! I love tractor rides.

The old man already sat on the tractor. The young woman climbed up and sat on his crotch. The sun was setting in the distance and cast an orange glow over the dry and dusty landscape.

Do you think it will ever grow back, she said.

All of it? he said.

Some of it. A little bit.

A little bit will. Some of it. Most of it, over thousands of years, it will come back.

Lets start the tractor, grandaddy.

Okay, my dear.

The old man started the tractor. The engine chugged and vibrated and shook the frame of the machine. The young woman smiled.