MIT’S Ingestible origami robot

Imagine eating like a thousand of these, and they go through and eat all the fat in your body. It’d be like liposuction but better! The waste might be a problem though…

They could cut out tumors from your body with no surgery. They could intelligently deliver medicine, targeting specific organs. They could take readings from various parts of your body, and doctors could examine the findings after you excrete them.

Biotech is gettin crazy.

1st person, present

If people insist on writing in the first person, present tense, then how about they write steam-of-consciousness works? This crap where it’s the MC just observing what’s happening and reporting to the reader feels more impersonal and broken than writing in the third person.

“I walk down a hall. I see a dragon. Then I run away from the dragon.”

This is boring. I mean, I’m falling asleep here! Let’s jazz that up:

“The hallway is too dark, but there’s a little bright light that I see and I’m not sure if it’s just my eyes tricking me when I find a beast. Its jaws are going to destroy me, shit! Run, run, run, damnit, run!”

Anyone who wants to write in this style should be required to read James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Does your mind ever take a break? Are there times when you find that others have been talking, but you have not been listening? Of course! It happens all the time! So if you’re going to write in this style, don’t have the MC be a damned omnipotent god. In third person, it’s okay to reveal everything.

Just make it real. Put me in the person’s head. Their thoughts should be their actions.

The Martian does a pretty good job of it.

I finally completed my character outline after 82 years. Please read.

Wacky Doodle – Always whipping it out and masturbating, the one thing he wants is to finally find his lost towel.

Penelope Vagina – Wacky’s love interest, the only thing she is interested in is swooning over people who aren’t Wacky.

Marco Daniels – Totally is a dick who Wacky hates. He wants to have intimate relations with Penelope, even though he doesn’t deserve to.

Prick McKenzie – Person who bullied Wacky as a kid and is now a Dragon that Wacky must defeat so that he can finally claim Penelope as his property.

Yogurt Kunt – Girl who rejected Wacky and is now just a giant biznatch who Wacky doesn’t like. She wants to pretend she doesn’t love Wacky, even though she obviously does, and only left him because she was intimidated by how great he was.

Towel Master – Wacky’s best friend, who’s always there for him no matter what. Wacky loves TM and always wants to be with him over the company of any other person ever, living or dead. Towel wants to love Wacky, but he can’t feel emotion because he is a towel.

So basically the plot is that they all have to fight and shit in an arena that’s actually in Outer Space. I’ve developed this idea over 82 years, so I know it’s really good. Wacky basically finds out that Prick is cheating in the fight, because he’s a dragon and that’s not allowed. He then beats Prick, and then Penelope tears her clothes off at the very sight of him as the ultimate victor. Then Marco is like oh no and starts to try to get intimate with Penelope Vagina, but Wacky fights him to the death and wins and the Prick, who is a dragon, is now on Wacky’s side. Yogurt tries to defeat Wacky, but Wacky seduces her and then she and Penelope have a threesome while Prick the Dragon watches. Then Towel Master comes and cleans everything up and then they go home and live happily ever after.



So what do you think? Pretty amazing, right?

You Are Timmy

Today, I want to revisit Timmy:

Why does Timmy lie?

I read this article about the purpose of schooling (a different thing from education): Against School. The thesis is basically that children are schooled to become obedient groups, rather than educated to become independent thinkers.

I’ll add that the evolution of marketing (read Bernays’ Propaganda) has capitalized on the effect that schooling has on children. That is, we raise our children to become obedient conformists, and propagandists use this pliability to direct society in a common direction. As an example of how the public is directed, I’ll use Facebook.

In 2010-2011, you might remember reading a crapload of articles that “revealed” (for those ignorant enough to not understand that everything that you put onto the internet, or even your hard drive, remains there forever–barring the global catastrophe that is sure to come when terrorism infects our nation, when sea levels rise to conquer our cities, when police are hamstrung by unfair laws, when millions of people lose their jobs to robots, etc.) “revealed” the fact that Google collects your private information for private reasons. People hated Google for that, and there was an uproar that has now turned into the general, dull noise that you hear maybe weekly, or monthly, on the news. It was later revealed that Facebook was behind this propaganda effort. Bonus Points – WSJ published a lot of the stories that were anti-Google, and then came up with that wonderful piece.

The point is, while there may not be a single entity or shadowy group like the common conspiracy theorist would have you believe, that there are those out there who seek to lie to you for their own benefit. Not even lie, really, but who certainly seek to mislead you.

We are pliable. We are led. We are lost to ourselves.

Find yourself and question your motivations. Teach your kids to think, rather than training them to learn. You can do it.



Definition of AI

Read this: CNET’s AI article

AI is the practice of making a machine behave in a smart way, such as making a robot smarter or adding Internet connectivity to something like a washing machine.

What? Is this called writing now? “Drinking is the act of consuming a liquid, such as making a liquid go into your stomach.” “Acting is the act of acting, such as acting.” “Smoking is the act of inhaling burnt plant material, such as is done when lighting a tobacco cigarette.”

It’s not even an accurate definition of AI. Making something smarter? How about giving it intelligence at all! Intelligence is the ability to retain knowledge and relate it with minimal loss of information. Machines can’t do this on their own.

Rubin added that some areas he’s now focusing on include how to interact with things that don’t have screens, like appliances or swimming pools.

This isn’t AI though, it’s “smart” devices, and that crappy term is due to the marketing geniuses that came up with “cloud” computing.

AI is easy to define but hard to conceive. When actual AI comes, a machine that has the ability to learn, adapt, and evolve, everyone will fucking know about it. It’s not going to be a talking swimming pool that matches your body temperature, or a washing machine that automatically adjusts the amount of water based on load.

It’s going to be a person.

These types of articles get me angry.

NASA’s New Horizons – Updated

It was a rumor…bastard press!



Apparently, NASA announced another announcement. Having recently proven the existence of flowing water on Mars, I think they’ve set the bar pretty high going forward. Here’s a story about the current status and findings of the New Horizons mission:

Pluto and Charon

I’m thinking they’ll announce that either there’s flowing liquid (not water, possibly methane or nitrogen) on one of these bodies’ surfaces, or that they have enough data to say there’s a subsurface ocean.

Of course, I have no effing clue. Just a guess. What do you think?


A Fairy

“For the last time, get off the table!”

“Sorry, daddy,” Odin said, sliding back into his chair. The fairy hovered above him, a green light with wings that zipped this way and that way. He held out his hand for the fairy to land, but it only laughed and flew in some other direction. If only he could reach a little higher, then surely the creature would come to trust him.

“I’m not going to tell you again, get off the table.”

“Okay, daddy.” Odin tried again to reach the fairy, but failed. It went into the ceiling and disappeared.