the bingman is hate

Jim Bean was never a bad guy.

He was a bingman. Do you know what a bingman is?

A bingman is is a person who likes to eat pie. What is a person who likes to eat pie?

A person who likes to eat pie is a bingman is and Jim Bean is a bingman is is a person who likes to eat pie.

Where do you stand on this issue? What is the issue? The issue is the bingman is. What to do with him? Shall we put him in the corner? Have his friends get all together, and talk about him as he sits in his cage? They can all discuss how sad it is that he must live there, forsaken as he is by the people of his society.

Oh! Oh! Then we may gather his enemies, everyone whom he has hated most throughout his life, everyone who has wronged him in some way, and get all of them together and have them point and laugh at the bingman is in his cage. They can eat pie, too. That might really put him in his own, desperate place where even the evil spirits refuse to roam.

Who are the evil spirits? They are the ones who the ones that the bingman is hates hates the most. Who does the bingman is hate hate the most? The bingman is hate hates the evil spirits the most because the bingman is hate does not like pie. In fact, he likes to watch pie burn in his back yard on a pile of small twigs, intertwined with poison ivy and hate.

Then he goes inside, back to his corner, back to the wall, back to that same dreary place that he knows as his sad, lonely home. The spiders and the dust shall crawl over his skin, until the museum curators thousands of years from now study his mummified form.

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