Query Letters are fucking hard

It’s true! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

The book is easy to write, compared to the query letter. My book is solid, but I have no idea how to get someone else interested in reading it in under a page, without giving away too much. My wife says I should think about what I like about the book, and try to get that across.

So what do I like about it?

I like that I wrote it. I like the strong female lead (so few of those). I like the fact that the antagonist uses interdimensional aliens to consume souls. Maybe I should make that more clear, eh? Instead of saying he uses shadows, I’ll say cool thinks like “interdimensional.”

Or I can just repeat the same word over and over:

Raccoon raccoon raccoon raccoon.

Then the agents I send it to will just say, “Wow, this guy is so crazy, I just have to read his stuff!”

I guess it doesn’t work like that…

Back into the minefields!

Don’t worry. It’s okay. Really.